Chicago Bears host flag football event to promote youth sports

Monday marked a significant moment at Crane Medical Prep High School in Chicago as students received some very special visitors.

It was all part of an effort to promote youth sports and encourage young men and women to pursue their athletic dreams.

The Chicago Bears hosted a flag football event for kids. Bears Care President and former star cornerback Jerry Azumah was asked if he ever played soccer.

"My parents are from Ghana, West Africa, and my father rolled me a soccer ball when I was five years old and I picked it up and started hitting people. So that was the end of my soccer career at a very early age," Azumah joked.

About a dozen kids, ranging from elementary age to high school, participated. They engaged in drills and skills sessions with the football stars.

Former soccer player Ledley King expressed his enjoyment of the sport of American football.

"They're trying to teach me a few things, you know, as I say, a lot of them it's their first time. It's something that I've played a few times now, but it's about having fun, and we want to see them with a smile on their face. They're doing a great job at the moment. They're moving a lot better than I am," King said.

Both athletes discussed growing the sport of football in both the United States and across the pond.

Of course, the Chicago Bears will be playing in London this coming season.