Chicago Bears host high school football training camp, donate funds to participating schools

Dozens of high school football players from four local schools had the incredible opportunity to attend a training camp hosted by the Chicago Bears.

West Chicago High School served as the venue for the camp, which included participants from West Chicago High, Bloom Township, Golder Prep, and Addison Trail.

The training camp was made even more special by the presence of four Bears players, adding an extra level of excitement and inspiration for the young athletes.


"Make sure you listen your coaches, but at the same time, make sure that you're a leader. Lead from the front. The better you are as individuals, the better example that you're setting, that resonates with your team," one Bears player said.

In addition to providing this unique experience, the Bears organization demonstrated their commitment to supporting youth sports and athletic development by donating $2,500 to each participating school. This generous contribution aims to enhance access to sports and promote the growth and development of young athletes.