University of Chicago men's soccer teams wins first NCAA title

As fans celebrate the World Cup, Chicago celebrates its own soccer champion.

On Monday, the University of Chicago men's team showed off their National Championship trophy as university leaders congratulated them at an afternoon ceremony.

The soccer team claimed their first National Championship in their 75-year history and their female coach is also making a name for herself. This was their fifth time to the finals, but the first win.

The Maroons beat Williams College on Saturday 2-0. There was no score in the game until the 66th minute, when Robbie Pino blasted one in.


"I had to walk away for a second," said senior Griffin Wada. "I mean, I'm so grateful to have been a part of this team."

In her first year as head coach for the men’s soccer team, she has become the first ever female coach to win a men’s soccer championship at the college level.

"I definitely hope it inspires young women, and young little girls continue to dream big. But also I really hope it inspires young gentlemen, that they can continue to dream and go after the things that they want to go after as well," Sitch said.

The coach and players gave credit to those that came before them and helped bulk up the soccer program.

"They really paved the path for us. This team was not well known throughout the country until about 10 years ago and to build to a national championship is a big thing that I give all the credit to them," said Wada.

No rest for this team, as they begin training again Tuesday. All players will return next year except six seniors.

The university is planning to host a celebration this week for the team.