Video shows Japanese fans again cleaning stadium after World Cup match: ‘We respect the place’

A viral video is showing how it’s apparently become a tradition for Japanese fans at the World Cup to be the classiest fans in the world.

Omar Farooq posted a clip on his Instagram page showing the fans, dressed in Japanese national colors, cleaning up the stadium after the opening game between Qatar and Ecuador. 

Fans were seen picking up bottles and food wrappings left in the stands. 

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One fan says "We are Japanese. Japanese do not leave rubbish behind us. We respect the place."

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Japanese fans tidy up after a game. 

"Samurai Blue" supporters swept trash and cleaned rows and seats in the stadium after the 2019 Woman’s World Cup in France. Fans also cleaned the stadium during the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Not only that, the Japanese men’s team cleaned their own locker room and even left a thank-you note in Russian.

The Qatar team was outplayed in a 2-0 loss to Ecuador.

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Qatar is the home of the FIFA World Cup which began Nov. 20, marking the first time the Mideast has hosted the world-watched tournament. Thirty-two teams will compete in 64 matches over 29 days.

Qatar, home to 3 million people, most of them migrant workers, has spent more than $200 billion on preparation for the World Cup. Seven new stadiums were built, including the 60,000-seat Al Bayt Stadium north of Doha.

This story was reported from Los Angeles. Austin Williams contributed to this report.