World Series Game 2 start moved up an hour, rain in forecast


CLEVELAND (AP) — Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon was making a move on the mound during the World Series opener when first baseman Anthony Rizzo pointed out another change.

The start time for Game 2 in Cleveland had been moved up by an hour because there's rain in the forecast. The Cubs and Indians are now scheduled to begin at 7:08 p.m.  EST Wednesday.

Major League Baseball announced the time shift Tuesday night midway through the Indians' 6-0 win at Progressive Field.

"Rizzo said, 'Hey, look at the scoreboard, the game's been moved up an hour." So that's when I realized it had been moved up an hour, on the mound," Maddon said.

"But with technology as it is and you have good weather reports, I'd rather do that than have the game start at 8, and then get caught in the latter part of the game with some rain. So I think it's a good idea," he said.

Indians manager Terry Francona was fine with the change.

"Shoot, it just means we start an hour earlier. We can handle that," he said. "I don't care what time they tell us to play. I'm sure they have good reason. If it's supposed to rain late, I don't really have a reaction. I'm going to be here anyway by 10 (a.m.) So it doesn't really matter."