Pro-life advocates urge customers to cancel Netflix

A pro-life organization called on Georgians to cancel their Netflix accounts and sign a national petition after the CEO of the streaming service said they may "rethink" their investment in the state.

Cast members of Orange is the New Black talk Season 6

After the epic three day riot of Season 5, the ladies in orange have a new home in Season 6 and it makes Litchfield look like a hotel. Season 6 of Orange is the New Black streams on Netflix on Friday. Dascha Polanco and Kate Mulgrew joined Good Day to talk about it.

Marlon Wayans talks new sitcom, Netflix film

He's the star, creator, and executive producer of the sitcom Marlon and he's back in Chicago bringing his stand-up routine to the Chicago Imporv. Marlon Wayans joins Good Day to talk about his new sitcom, stand-up comedy, and his new Netflix film Naked.