Chicago set for summer-like heat next week

Temperatures across Chicago varied on Thursday, with the lakefront experiencing temperatures in the 50s, while the far south and west suburbs were near 70 degrees.

Come nighttime, expect chilly conditions with temperatures dropping into the 40s under clear skies.

Friday promises another day of abundant sunshine, and temperatures will gradually warm up. Highs near the lakefront will reach the upper 60s, while inland areas can expect low to mid-70s.


Get ready for a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend as sunshine dominates the forecast. Highs will range from the 70s to the 80s, providing ideal weather conditions for outdoor activities and celebrations.

Looking ahead to next week, we can expect a shift towards July-like weather. High temperatures will climb into the 80s, and there is even a possibility of reaching the 90s. Stay prepared for warmer conditions as summer approaches.

Enjoy the pleasant weather and make the most of the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago!