Chicago temps bounce back to the 70s with threat of rain

We have two forecast foci: A severe storm risk this p.m. and serious holiday heat. 

First things first, a warm front is on the way, emanating from a big storm system in the Plains. 

Temperatures will reach the 70s later today with an attendant boost in humidity levels. There will be just enough "twist" in the atmosphere to be on guard for brief, weak tornadoes. 


Regardless of the low-end risk of that happening, showers and storms will be in our area off and on through Friday morning. Raining all the time? Nope. But could rain at ANY time during that period.  

Highs drop briefly into the 60s on Friday before heat surges into the area for the extended holiday weekend. Should be close to 90 on Sunday then into the low 90s on Memorial Day and Tuesday.