Chicago weather: A few showers tonight, but what's on tap this weekend?

Despite mostly cloudy skies, temperatures have pleasantly warmed up into the mid to upper 50s across the Chicago area.

The mild conditions are a welcome change for the weekend ahead.

Friday Night:

While we're in for a mild evening, there is a slight chance of a few stray showers overnight. Expect temperatures to dip into the upper 30s and low 40s, ensuring a relatively comfortable night.


Looking forward to your Saturday plans? It appears you're in luck! Saturday is expected to be partly sunny with highs reaching the mid 50s. This will offer a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.


The weekend continues to bring good news with more sunshine on Sunday. Anticipate mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies and daytime temperatures staying in the mid 50s. A perfect day for any outdoor activities you have in mind.


As the workweek begins, slightly warmer air will grace Chicago, bringing temperatures into the 60s. It's shaping up to be a pleasant start to the week. However, there is a small chance of showers on Monday, though not everyone is expected to see rainfall.

Be sure to stay updated on the latest weather information and enjoy your weekend activities!