Chicago weather: Area braces for wild turn with scattered rain, temperature plunge

As the weekend approaches, the weather in the Chicago area is about to take a wild turn.

Scattered rain is in the forecast for Thursday night, with temperatures staying in the 60s. But if you're a fan of warmer weather, enjoy it while it lasts, because it's about to change.

Friday will be our last warm day for the foreseeable future. Expect midday highs around 70 degrees, but don't get too comfortable. As the day progresses, a cold front will move through from west to east, causing temperatures to drop. Scattered showers are likely during this transition.

Saturday's daytime hours promise dry conditions, but it'll be noticeably cooler with highs in the lower 50s. However, the evening brings a return of rain, and Sunday doesn't look much better. Expect temperatures in the mid to upper 40s to close out the weekend.

If you're seeking some sunshine, you'll have to wait until Monday. Highs will be around 40 degrees. Halloween is going to start with a hard freeze, with temperatures plummeting into the 20s. Throughout the day, the mercury will struggle to reach 40 degrees, and there's even a chance of scattered flurries in the air.

Get ready for the dramatic shift in weather, as fall kicks into high gear!