Chicago weather: Temps sink into the 60s today

Cooler air is oozing over Chicagoland this morning. Breezes will pick up out of the north today.  

Temps will range from the low 60s far northeast and along the lake to the upper 70s far southwest.  It should be very close to 70 degrees at O’Hare.  That’s a big drop following Tuesday’s high of 86 degrees.  

Skies remain mostly sunny with a bit more cloud cover during the afternoon. 

Tomorrow will be cooler with widespread 60s under mainly sunny skies. 


The next warming cycle begins Friday with low 70s on the way. Mid to upper 70s are on the way Saturday and Sunday with 80s on the way starting on Memorial Day and likely lasting through next week. No rain in sight.  

The National Weather Service is town is now on the bandwagon about this big time-describing this as a "flash drought" due to the sparse rainfall since early April and especially this entire month. The drought data will come out tomorrow morning.