How hot will Chicago get this week?

The first eight days of May have all come in under average in terms of temperatures. 

Up through this past weekend the month has been just over 6 degrees below average. That all changes starting today. 

Highs today soar well into the 70s and then Tuesday it will feel just July. Our highs should hit the middle to upper 80s through Friday with at least a few spots possibly tagging 90 degrees Tuesday and Thursday.

The National Blend Of Models long range forecast has highs well into the 80s for four straight days from tomorrow through Friday and then dropping back into the 70s this weekend. 


Next Monday and Tuesday are highs are forecast to slip back into the 60s.

Temperature Anomaly Forecast For 1 PM Tuesday (

Average highs for this time of year are in the upper 60s. For the first time this spring our average high climbs to 70 degrees on Friday. Most of this week we will be between at least 15 to 20 degrees above average. 

The temperature anomaly forecast in the image above shows the middle of the country seeing the biggest shift above normal on Tuesday afternoon. Temperatures from the Gulf Coast to the upper Midwest will be 10 degrees or more above average.

The GFS model's suggests Thursday may be the hottest day of the week. It shows most of our area running about 20 to nearly 30 degrees above average at 1 pm on Thursday. So if we don't hit 90 on Tuesday, we have another good chance to hit 90 degrees or more Thursday. This model suggests lower 90s may be common for highs away from the lakefront that day.

A few records are in jeopardy this week. The record highs this week are 90 degrees for Tuesday's date, 89 on Wednesday, 92 on Thursday and 89 on Friday. We will get a minor reprieve from the heat on Wednesday so that record should be safe, but it isn't out of the question the other records may be within reach.

If this forecast is too much summer, too soon for you then there is hope in the longer range forecast from the Climate Prediction Center.  Next week should be cooler. The 8-14 day temperature outlook suggests we will be cooler than average overall during the period of next Monday through the following weekend.