Mark Strehl Blog: Today is the warmest day of the year!

Today is the warmest day of the year! And guess what, tomorrow will be the warmest day of the year too! That's because we hit 48 Monday and 58 Tuesday!

Although there are no specific records on when we hit such a high that is so "low" this late in the season, think about this: Our warmest day so far is only five above the normal! That is testament to just how cold we have been this late Winter and early Spring. Even just last Friday, our high was only in the upper 20s, a good 20 degrees colder that today. Earlier in the week, our highs were only in the low teens, more than 30 degrees below normal!

But looking at the jet stream forecast, we stay mild for the next several days with highs above normal and even more sunshine! This guarantees that the snow will disappear, which makes staying warm all the more possible!