Mugginess lingers in Chicago ahead of cold front

Transition day as we move from a hot air mass to a cool Canadian one. It will be warm and muggy this morning. 

Chicago should hit 80 degrees with southern burbs a little warmer, and northern burbs a few ticks cooler. The cold front oozes in and temps will ease back a bit late this afternoon. 

A shower or storm is possible with the southern viewing area favored. 

Tonight temps drop into the 50s. 


Tomorrow will be much cooler with highs in the mid 60s under mostly sunny skies. 

Similar temps on Friday with a bit more cloud cover. Showers are possible at night leading into a modest warmup on Saturday. Mid 70s with mostly sunny skies. Sunday will be a couple of degrees cooler with a few light showers around.

Fiona is a Cat 4 hurricane with 130mph sustained winds. It’s going to pass far enough west of Bermuda to deal those islands a glancing blow. 

By Saturday, Fiona will slam into Newfoundland possibly as a Cat 3 hurricane.

Gaston is a tropical storm in the North Atlantic and could bring heavy rains to the Azores in coming days.