Second day of spring has been anything but spring-like

So it's sunny, but this second day of "meteorological spring" is still about 10 degrees below the normal for this date, making it feel anything but springlike! In spite of the sun, our high will only be about 30.

So why is everyone so happy? First of all it's a sunny day, coming on the heals of one of the most cloudy periods of the year - late winter. And secondly, what a winter it has been! February has now gone down on the books as the third snowiest on record! (26.8 inches - just 2.2'' short of the all time record!)

And to add insult to injury, we had the snowiest February day ever. On February 1 it snowed 16.2 inches.

But it just wasn't the snow, it was also the COLD! February ties as the all time coldest with a monthly average of 14.6 degrees, that's thirteen degrees below normal! We are tied with the last year that we were this cold: 1875.