Strong winds and late showers prelude Chicago weather warmup

Rain is on the way but not until very late this afternoon. Could there be a sprinkle this morning? Meh. 

Winds will be ripping out of the south with gusts to 40 this afternoon. Showers arrive from the west around 5 p.m.-ish and continue all night. Rumble of thunder? Possible. Likely? No. 

Tomorrow any residual cloud cover in the morning quickly goes bye bye and temperatures soar to 70 degrees. Very nice day!  


Rain and embedded thunder arrives by Friday morning though with less "action" during the afternoon. Highs will be close to 60 degrees.  

Then. it’s all about the surge of truly warm air for Saturday. Low 80s are likely making this our first foray into the 80s this year.  

Showers return to the picture Sunday. Might be some thunder too although severe storms seem unlikely. Temperatures max out around 70 degrees. Cooler air settles in for next week.