Sunshine and 70-degree temps hit Chicago today

Yesterday managed to hit 70 degrees at O’Hare and I see no reason why it won’t best that by a degree or two today. 

Skies will be mostly sunny. There are a few patches of early morning fog. 

Tomorrow will have a few more clouds in the sky but it remains dry with highs inching a bit higher into the mid 70s. Thursday is transition day as a cold front plows through. 


The front won’t arrive until after we manage to tag 70 degrees for a 4th-straight day. With the front there will be some light showers. Not much help for the lawn and garden. 

It’s a quick shot of colder air Friday with highs in the low 50s. There will be a risk of frost and some areas could experience a freeze Saturday morning before temperatures stage a respectable rebound over the weekend into next week.