Tornadoes cause damage in suburban Chicago to end February

The Chicago area experienced some wild weather to end February, as the National Weather Service confirmed at least two tornadoes touched down during a severe weather outbreak Monday morning.

Tornado sirens were heard in Winfield, as strong storms made their way across the region, sparking tornado warnings in not only the Chicago area but also downstate and in parts of northwest Indiana.

In Plainfield, strong winds knocked over some trees and blew down several fences. However, no serious damage or injuries were reported.

Surveillance video from a home near Townsend and County Line Road shows the Dupuis family's American flag getting whisked away. It was later found in a neighbor's backyard.

That video also captured debris, including siding from homes, flying through the air.


The National Weather Service confirmed a possible tornado in Kendall County. Nearby fencing was destroyed in the process, while planters and patio furniture didn't stand a chance.

"The house started shaking, and I looked at my furniture in the back, and it was levitating, and I was like, I’m gone, I’m done, I’m out," said Traci Dupuis, Plainfield resident. "And by the time I got to the basement, it was silent. It went away. That’s how fast it was in and out. So I looked outside and my fence was gone and all my furniture was gone."

In addition to city crews coming out this morning, neighbors helped one another clean up the debris littering the streets and sidewalks.

This tornado came in addition to a brief tornado touchdown in Warrenville, confirmed by the National Weather Service.