VIDEO: Incredible, massive waves hit Chicago's lakefront amid powerful wind gusts

Massive waves were seen crashing into Chicago's lakefront on Saturday, and storm chasers captured it all on video.

The incredible video was shot near 63rd Street and 31st Street beaches. Lake Michigan saw waves reaching heights of up to 20 feet, making for a spectacular yet turbulent scene.

Storm chasers from Chicago & Midwest Storm Chasers documented the dramatic conditions on video. Their footage captured the intensity of the waves and the powerful lakefront winds that accompanied them. In particular, the forecast warned of gusts of up to 40 mph, making it a remarkable day for weather enthusiasts.

Throughout the weekend, Chicago is expected to experience lake effect showers that could affect the area, with high temperatures remaining in the mid-50s. While there's a slight chance of lingering showers on Monday, most parts of the region are anticipated to stay dry, with high temperatures reaching the mid to upper 50s.

As the weekend unfolds, it's advised to stay updated with the latest weather reports. The dangerous waves on Lake Michigan serve as a reminder of the ever-changing nature of Chicago's weather.