Jake on the Job: Jake's learns massage therapy

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - In Monday’s Jake on the Job, he's getting a little handsy -- well, more so than usual. He's trying his hand at massage therapy. 

Yes, we all know that Jake has a tendency to get a little too close to people, but even he was surprised at how little this was about the physical touch and how much it was about the knowledge required before you ever enter the room.

They’re the very definition of up close and personal. The phrase “personal space” has no meaning to them.

It’s the most intimate you’ll ever get with a complete and total stranger.

But those people transporting you into a state of physical relaxation aren’t just pressing on random spots as hard as they can.

They’re trained professionals, educated in human anatomy and the history of massage therapy with the sole goal to make you feel better.

So Jake went on the job at Massage Envy in the South Loop to learn what it takes and he quickly learned his first masseuse lesson. These are massage therapists and they know what they’re doing.

While some states don’t require a license to practice the profession, Illinois does and also between 500 to 750 hours of training.

But training is one thing and forming relationships is another. Clients are often greeted in separate rooms, conversations are had about physical needs and a bond is formed before skin ever touches skin.

But then, it’s personal. That was, until she met Jake.

Clients often choose their therapist, not the other way around so while Jake was hoping for a beautiful woman to try his newly taught skills on, he was given…Brian.

So as Jake reluctantly got up close and personal with his new best friend Brian, he realized just how seriously massage therapists take this.

They’re not just pressing as hard as they can, not just choosing random spots on your body. There’s a rhyme and a reason to this.

So strip down and lay down. It’s time to get handsy.

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