One man is to thank for bringing 'Batman v Superman' to Chicago

As audiences ready themselves for the opening day of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," there is one man to thank for Chicago's vital cinematic role in the superhero blockbuster.

Rich Moskal, director of the Chicago Film office, serves as a liaison between the city and Hollywood music studios.

He is the one responsible for persuading major film companies to set up shop within the city, and Chicagoans have him to thank for the beautiful shots of the Chicago scattered throughout "Batman v Superman."

The film began shooting under the secret title "Milo and Sage," but it didn't take long for Chicagoans to catch on. This weekend, movie-goers in more than 4,000 theaters nationwide will be able to enjoy memorable views of Chicago under the movie's real name.

Where should we direct our thanks? To none other than Moskal himself, who managed to do the unthinkable, unite the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight under one beautiful skyline.