1 dead, 7 injured in Des Plaines fire

One person was killed and seven others were injured, including 4 four firefighters, after a fire tore through a condo building in Des Plaines.

The Sunday morning fire started quickly and people who did get out, only did with the clothes on their backs.  Dozens of people that used to call this building home have had their lives shattered.

Sandra Swetlek lost her home and all she owned when the 5 alarm fire tore through her condo complex.  Her dog, Travis, woke her up around 7:30am as flames engulfed their floor.

“You wake up and you gotta run outta your house and your house is gone.  Everything you worked for and it's gone,” said Swetlek.

Firefighters used aerial ladders to battle the blaze and it took hours to contain.  Residents were told the building is likely a total loss.

Ruslan Nairner managed to make it out, with his family, with just the clothes on their backs and says he has no idea what they will do.

“It’s about as devastating as it gets.  I mean whatever life we knew yesterday, is gone.  Today is just a completely different day.  You start out with zero,” said Nairner.

The residents are asking for any kind of help.  They have set up a GoFundMe page under the building's name, The Landings.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.