2 teens arrested near North Avenue Beach for having guns

Police say two 16-year-olds were arrested Monday near North Avenue Beach after being found with guns.

As thousands of people flocked to North Ave Beach to enjoy the hot temps, many of them included young people responding to another teen trend.

Teenagers were seen with expensive cameras and microphones recording videos.

Mars Lopez, 19, said he wasn’t up to any mischief and just wanted to create content.  

Chicago police were out in great numbers creating a perimeter at the edge of the beach.


Dozens of "violence interrupters," including Englewood First Responders, were out as well.

Interim Police Supt. Fred Waller was seen on location checking in with top brass as 18th district officers were scattered throughout the park. Police searched all bags, purses and coolers of anyone coming in. 

Police removed multiple people from the beach as violence prevention workers collaborated with officers.  

Youth Advocate and former Education Secretary Arne Duncan was also at the beach, partnering with local anti-violence groups.