3 children accused of vandalizing senior living facility on Far South Side

Shocking video from this weekend shows three children believed to be between six and eight-years-old storming into a senior living facility on the Far South Side and stealing two fire extinguishers.

Once outside with the fire extinguishers, the trio fired them at the brick on the Hancock House located in the 120th block of S. Emerald Ave in the West Pullman neighborhood.

“There was a senior that tried to stop them and they told her to shut up,” says Arletha Patterson,  Property Manager of Hancock House.

Senior citizens that live at the 89-unit residence told FOX 32 off camera that the boys ran off in the area.

Sadly, this isn’t the first incident that frightened the seniors that call Hancock House home. Last week, three seniors were waiting on the bus when someone fired at them with a paintball gun. The paint was red and one resident was hit. His injuries were minor, but he’s in shock and afraid.

“You have a senior that just moved here from Memphis,” said Patterson.

“He was terrified. He thought that he was shot. I would like to talk to them and make them apologize to the seniors who they've terrified."

Chicago police continue to investigate.