7/17 Registrar of Student Records (Humboldt Park)

Registrar of Student Records at Dr. Predro Albizu Campos - Puerto Rican High School

* Bachelor's Degree (strongly recommended) 
* Prior knowledge and use of PowerSchool (strongly recommended)
* Proficient in Computer technology - various applications
* General office skills
* Organizational and time management skills
* Strong bilingual skills
* Ability to maintain a high level of accuracy
* Ability to adapt to changing situations and priorities

Responsibilities and duties include, but are not limited to the following:
• Direct and coordinate registration activities including student enrollment/withdrawals, transcripts, student records and databases. 
• Log and maintain enrolled students' academic records
• Maintain the integrity, security, and privacy of student records by reviewing data for accuracy, completeness, and conformance to standards and procedures.
• Display the highest ethical and professional behavior and standards when working with students, parents, school personnel, central administration and programs associated with the school.
• Stay in clear communication with the Business Operations Manager re: daily tasks, schedule of quarterly tasks, and any questions that arise in relation to the completion of your tasks
• Maintain communication with teachers and staff regarding testing, enrollments and grades.

* Enrollment Process
* Lottery Application Submission
* Initial STAR and Spanish Testing
* Student and Parent Orientation
* Enrollment/withdrawal data entry and submission to YCCS
* Requires bi-monthly trips to central office
* Year Round Testing
* Pre, Mid and Post Testing Coordination of STAR Assessment
* Aventa Enrollments and Withdrawals
* Immunization Compliance

* Class schedules for students and instructors
* Examine academic records of students to determine eligibility for graduation
* Maintain and revise all course scheduling and student registration information
* Direct preparation of student transcripts and issue official transcripts for active students and alumni
* Guardian/parent notification letters
* Mid-quarter progress reports
* Student's permanent and temporary files
* National School Lunch Program
* Lunch forms
* Daily meal counts
* Vouchers

Data Entry
* IMPACT: entry and withdrawal of students, demographic information and regular maintenance of dashboard
* PowerSchool: initial enrollment of all students, historical grades, drops, Student Reporting System (SRS), and daily monitoring of student profiles
* ODA: lunch forms
* Quarterly reports to Principal
* YCCS Retention
* Enrollments/Withdrawal Report
* STAR gains
* Informing school wide initiatives related to testing

Outside of school events and activities
•    Participate in coordination and planning of high school sponsored events when possible.
•    Participate and volunteer in community-building events and activities sponsored by PRCC and PACHS when possible.

•    Attend all school staff and team meetings.
•    Attend professional development trainings.
•    Attend monthly PRCC assemblies. 

Please send a cover letter, resume and/or CV with 2 references: apply@pedroalbizucamposhs.org 

Learn more about the culture of Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School at https://www.flickr.com/photos/pachs/ 

Compensation: Full time position with health, dental and vision insurance.