7 rideshare drivers carjacked at gunpoint on Northwest Side in past 3 weeks

At least seven rideshare drivers have been held at gunpoint and carjacked in Chicago in the past three weeks, and all seven incidents have occurred on the city’s Northwest Side.

Police say the criminals' routines are pretty much the same.

"Entering through the rear then using a handgun to take vehicles from the driver," said Officer Jose Jara.

The carjackings are happening in broad daylight, and as early as 11 AM.

Attorneys say perpetrators are finding creative ways to trap their victims, including using burner phones, fake profiles and other people’s profiles to reel the drivers in.

In a statement, LYFT said in part that "drivers can access safety tutorials and community safety education."

Meanwhile, Uber said in a statement that "We regularly remind drivers about our community guidelines and their ability to cancel a trip if they don’t feel safe."


Nevertheless, Chicago police say if a driver finds their safety threatened, they should simply comply, do not challenge the thief and do not fight back.

"Give them the vehicle. It’s better to walk away alive," Officer Jara said.