81-year-old Vietnam vet says he's been betrayed by insurance company after tree fell on his home

"I feel I've been bamboozled, hoodwinked and betrayed," said William Norman.

Norman, an 81-year-old Vietnam veteran, sits on the front steps of his home on Biltmore Street on Detroit's west side holding back tears. 

He has nearly 45 years of memories there. Now all Norman can think about is the damage done by a tree that fell onto his roof at the beginning of May. 

"The bugs and the birds are still in the house," he said. "I'm trying to get them out. They tore through the roof of the house. Upstairs, you cannot get up there all the damage that was done. I can barely get in my closet here."


Norman says he can't live in his home and for the last four months, has gotten the runaround from his insurance company. He says he has yet to see any money for repairs. 

Meanwhile, he says he is still paying his mortgage and insurance while renting another home nearby. 


"I've never been behind on a house payment, never," he said. "They all turned their backs on me."

"It's been so hard trying to help my senior live his life with dignity and respect," said Renita Wilson, Norman's caregiver.  "I want him to be able to live in his home that he loves."

Wilson says she calls the insurance company every day. FOX 2 reached out to Norman's insurance company Michigan Basic Property Insurance and are still waiting to hear back. Now Norman is pleading for them to listen. 


"I need someone to come out here and help me get me situated here, I can't live here," he said. 

"I hope someone can see how serious this is and not brush us away like everyone has been doing since May 7," Wilson said.

TO DONATE: A GoFundMe has been set up by Wilson to help Norman. CLICK HERE to help.