98-year-old man who still works 7 days a week honored by Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, Rep. Danny Davis

A man believed to be the country’s oldest full time employee was honored in Chicago on Saturday.

Joe Grier turned 98 on May 9th and is still working seven days a week at Victory, one of The Planter Companies in the North Austin neighborhood

On Saturday, he was honored at New Life Holiness Church in a ceremony attended by Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson and Rep. Danny Davis. 

"My feelings are actually positive. I'm a happy person," Grier said at Saturday's ceremony. "I turn adversities into happiness. I am a graduate from the school of adversity. I thank God that I am still here."

Grier is a craftsman, making molds for trophies and awards. Working in the shiny industry that helps recognize achievements must’ve rubbed off on him, but his boss said it’s the other way around.

"He's a mentor for everybody that works here. He’s just somebody who has been here for so long, who teaches us everything, who has taught us everything," said Eric Priceman, owner and boss of The Planter Companies.

Grier was born in Atlanta in 1925. He served in the armed forces in the 1940s.