Actor Billy Crystal's new comedy 'Here Today' releases Friday

Comedy legend Billy Crystal and Tiffany Haddish star in the new film "Here Today," which hits theaters on Friday.

Crystal also directs the film – and when FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton asked him if he ever considered directing any of his past classics – as it turns out, Crystal has been thinking a lot about them lately, as 2021 is a big anniversary year for his career.

"This has been a year for anniversaries. It’s the 25th anniversary of 61*, a movie about Roger Maris and Micky Mantle that I did. It’s the 30th anniversary of City Slickers. It’s a crazy year, and the 20th anniversary of Monsters, Inc. All of these anniversaries tell me one thing: I’m really getting old."


In their new film Here Today, Crystal plays an iconic comedy writer though Haddish’s character has absolutely no idea who he is.

When asked if the two appreciate meeting people who don’t know who they are, Crystal and Haddish both replied: "NO!"