Actors Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons talk new movie 'House of Gucci'

An incredible collection of Oscar-winning talent makeup the cast of Ridley Scott’s new drama ‘House of Gucci,’ set to hit theaters next week.

One of the most talked-about performances in the film belongs to Oscar-winner Jared Leto, who is virtually unrecognizable as Paulo Gucci, buried under layers of makeup.

FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton spoke with Leto about what it’s like to look in the mirror and see someone else looking back.

"It’s absolutely f*cking awesome," Leto replied. "I love it. It’s really exciting, it can be terrifying, hilarious and a lot of fun. I love immersive work, it’s no secret that I love transformation, but whether there’s prostectics or not, there’s always a transformation."


Hamilton also spoke with Leto’s co-star, Oscar-winner Jeremy Irons, about the Shakespearean quality of the "House of Gucci" story.

"It’s a big tragedy as Shakespeare would right," Irons said. "A family at the top of its powers with the ability to expand…falling apart because of human nature, and the great tragedy at the end. Shakespeare would have written this if he’d been alive."

"House of Gucci" hits theaters on November 24th.