Aeromexico passengers recount terrifying crash

On Tuesday, Aeromexico Flight 2431 crashed in Durango, Mexico, shortly after takeoff.  All 99 passengers and four crew members survived.

Survivors of the crash described the frantic moments on board what's being called ‘the miracle flight.'

Ashley Garcia captured the moment the plane crashed because the Northlake teen pulled out her cell phone on take off, when she had a bad feeling.

“It started raining and hailing and the wind was already moving the wings of the plane,” said Ashley Garcia.

Garcia was sitting next to Jasmin Corral and two other cousins for the journey back to Chicago after visiting family in Mexico.

Shortly after wheels up, the Aeromexico flight crashed back down to earth.

“You go down real quick. It's like a roller coaster combined with a car crash cause you go sideways,” said Jasmin Corral.

“I was just going back and forth, hitting my face on the seat in front of me and my back...yeah it was bad,” added Garcia.

Passengers spotted flames on board as the dark cabin filled with smoke.

“I was feeling light headed and everybody was taking a long time to get out because everybody was panicking,” said Corral.

As passengers ran from the plane, flames tore through the crumpled wreckage.  Then, Father Esequiel Sanchez, the Des Plaines priest, led them in prayer.

The girls, both in their teens, were traveling without their parents.

But these two and the 101 others on board survived.

Both was a miracle flight.