After man is shot dead on CTA bus, Chicago Transit Authority union leader says they've 'had enough'

After a man was shot dead on a Chicago Transit Authority bus on Sunday, the union leader for CTA operators says they are fed up with criminals putting the lives of riders and employees at risk.

The man was shot dead on a bus in Garfield Park by two men who had gotten on the bus at Pulaski and Jackson and pulled out guns as they walked to the back. Another man was wounded.

"The senseless violence that happened on the system today," said ATU Local 241 President Keith Hill. "What if it was a baby on the bus, what if it was a senior citizen."


Less than a week ago, a man was shot on the CTA Red Line as it was approaching the 47th Street stop. Before that, a man was killed in a shooting just outside the 79th Street Red Line Station.

Hill said the union's contract is not up until December 2023, and complaints have fallen on deaf ears. Operators want their own police force, a safe enclosure around bus drivers and a way for riders to get help immediately.

"CTA, the city, the state need to come up with a modern system for response time not just for CTA, for everything in the city," Hill said.