Airbnb says it will host up to 20,000 Afghan refugees

Airbnb on Tuesday pledged to provide free housing worldwide to 20,000 Afghan refugees.

Airbnb Chief Executive Officer Brian Chesky tweeted this program starts immediately, and that the San Francisco-based short-term rental site will pay the costs.

Chesky tweeted: "Airbnb felt a responsibility to help out in one of the "biggest humanitarian crises of our time."

Chesky did not specify how much Airbnb plans to spend on the commitment or how long officials plan to house refugees.

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The United States on Monday evacuated roughly 48,000 people from Afghanistan in recent days, though thousands are still trying to escape, fearing reprisals from the Taliban militants now in power.

Many haven't been able to leave the Kabul airport because of the gunfire and crowds, despite having the right paperwork to leave.

 The Taliban has set an airlift deadline of Aug. 31 and there are concerns many who want to leave the country won’t be able to do so.

If you'd like  to host a refugee family, contact Airbnb.