Alderman pushes for removal of 'TRUMP' from president's Chicago hotel

Alderman Gilbert Villegas plans to introduce an ordinance at a City Council meeting later this month that could change the face of Chicago’s riverfront, removing the "TRUMP" sign from Trump Tower.

Those massive five letters went up in 2014 on the Trump International Hotel and Tower that stands along the Chicago River. Now, Alderman Villegas wants them taken down because he says they stand for everything Chicago is not.

"That sign just signifies hate. That's not what we're about here in Chicago." Villegas said.

President Donald Trump has defended the sign in the past, but following the siege on the US Capitol, Alderman Villegas wants to make one thing clear.

"We're a welcoming city and the president under his four years, sent a message of divisiveness," Villegas said.


The 36th Ward Alderman says the sign's permit has to be renewed every year and the ordinance would deny the permit if the applicant "has been convicted of a crime of treason, sedition, and subversive activities."

Therefore, Villegas says the sign would have to come down if President Trump is impeached and convicted of those crimes.

"Given last week's actions, where you had a president that was inciting violence against the US government that he took an oath to just hypocritical and dangerous and we need to send a message," the alderman said.

Alderman Villegas also plans to introduce another ordinance that would not allow anyone found guilty of treason, sedition, and subversive activities to do business with the city.