Chicago residents make voices heard on migrant housing: 'Every sucker in here is going to pay for it'

There was another heated community meeting Tuesday night over the placement of migrants. 

This time, the city has its sights set on a Northwest Side college as temporary housing and a lot of neighbors are not fond of the idea.

There were mixed opinions at the meeting on if asylum seekers should be housed at Wilbur Wright College in the Dunning neighborhood.

At times, there was booing, clapping and frustration over the lack of a plan on what to do with the asylum seekers. 

The room was filled to capacity at one point with Chicago residents making sure their voices were heard.


"You can be compassionate, but you can't be foolish," one resident said.

More than 8,000 migrants have arrived in Chicago since August 2022 and that number is still going up.

As Chicago tries to deal with the crisis, on the table is a plan to house them at Wilbur Wright College.

Some residents support it.

"We've all struggled and needed help, we should pay it forward. These are people, they are not political pawns," one resident said.

And many others — don't.

"We are inviting in everyone like a magnet, ‘Everyone come here, collect all your freebies. We are going to give it to you.' Every sucker in here is going to pay for it," another resident said.

According to city officials, 400 migrants would be housed at the college from June 1 to Aug. 1.