Allen Outlets shooting suspect had Nazi tattoos, all guns purchased legally, Texas DPS says

The Texas Department of Public Safety says 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia, the man they say is responsible for the shooting that killed 8 people at the Allen Premium Outlets, had neo-Nazi ideation, including Nazi tattoos and patches.

Tuesday's update was the first time that officials answered questions about the shooting since it occurred on Saturday.

During a news conference Tuesday afternoon, DPS Regional Director Hank Sibley said that the Texas Rangers are investigating Garcia's social media history and looking through his computer and other electronic devices.

A social media page, which reportedly belonged to Garcia, talks about violence and Nazi imagery. It also allegedly shows the suspected gunman scouting the Allen Premium Outlets weeks prior to the attack, looking for when it would be busiest. 

Texas DPS could not confirm that the page belonged to Garcia.

"I know there's a website out there. I haven't personally seen it. I know the FBI and the Texas Rangers are looking into that, and that's another part of the investigation we are looking at," said Sibley.

The Associated Press reports Garcia's social media posts suggest he planned the attack weeks in advance and researched when the shopping center would be the busiest, but DPS did not address Garcia's planning or canvassing of the mall.

DPS said no manifesto has been found at this time. 

"We do know that he had neo-Nazi ideation," Sibley said. "He had patches. He had tattoos. Even his signature verified that."

But the DPS regional director hesitated at calling this domestic terrorism.

Sibley said Garcia had no criminal history and that all eight guns he had with him on the day of the shooting — three on his person and five in his car — were purchased legally. Investigators are now checking the weapons to see if they were used in any previously known crimes.

Martha Constant works at Target Master in Garland, where she says Garcia tried to buy three guns in 2021. She showed a receipt showing Garcia put $300 in downpayments for the weapons.

"He tried to get a Beretta 92FS, a SIG 226 and a Kalashnikov rifle," she recalled.

The weapons were ordered, but supply chain kinks kept them from coming in. 

"In February of this year in 2023, he actually came and got a refund because it had been almost two years and we hadn’t been able to acquire it for him," Constant said.

"The big question that we're dealing with right now is: what's his motive? Why did he do this? The big question is we don't know. That's what the investigation is trying to find out," said Sibley.

Sibley noted that he appeared to target the location rather than a specific group of people.

"He was very random in the people he killed. It didn't matter the age, the race or sex. He just shot people," he said.

Investigators noted that Garcia was terminated from the US Army just months after joining in 2008.

FOX 4 reported on Monday that mental issues contributed to the Army's decision.

DPS also said that Garcia had a private security license that had expired. Texas Online Private Security records obtained by FOX 4 show that he had armed training.


Allen Outlets shooting suspect may have been driven by white supremacist ideals, sources say

New information paints a disturbing picture about the 33-year-old man responsible for the deadly Allen Outlet mall shooting. He apparently was not shy about his racist beliefs.

Investigators said that they believe the 33-year-old worked alone.

Leaders from the Allen Police Department, FBI and Texas DPS all credited an Allen police officer who shot and killed Garcia with his quick response .Allen Police say they will not release the officer's name at this time as it is a part of the investigation.

Texas DPS said the entirety of the shooting lasted just three to four minutes.

"He undoubtedly saved countless lives," said Sibley.

Police noted that the officer wanted to remain anonymous as he processes the tragedy.

The leaders also credited Allen Premium Outlets Security Guard Christian LaCour with rushing at least one person to safety before he was shot and killed.

The leaders also addressed the outpouring of support for the victims of the shooting: 20-year-old Christian LaCour, 3-year-old James Cho, 37-year-old Kyu Song Cho, 35-year-old Cindy Cho, 32-year-old Elio Cumana-Rivas, 11-year-old Daniela Mendoza, 8-year-old Sofia Mendoza and 26-year-old Aishwarya Thatikonda.


Allen Outlets shooting victims: What we know

A security guard, an engineer, parents and their young son, two elementary school sisters who loved the color yellow. We are learning more about the people who were killed at the outdoor mall on Saturday.

The FBI said that they have spotted multiple fake online fundraisers. A list of approved and verified fundraisers are available on the City of Allen website.

The city says The Allen, TX Shooting Victims' Fund guarantees that families of the victims and those wounded will receive 100% of the funds.

The Support for Allen Fund will give money to local nonprofit agencies that provide mental health grief and trauma support for victims, their families and first responders. 

Medical City Healthcare says six patients injured in the shooting are still recovering at three local hospitals.

  • Medical City McKinney: one patient in critical condition, one patient in serious condition, one patient in fair condition, one patient in good condition
  • Medical City Plano: one patient in fair condition
  • Medical City Children’s Hospital: one patient in good condition

Investigators say the crime scene at the Allen Premium Outlets has been processed and that they have released the scene back to the property owners.

The local FBI leader said that they helped 1,100 people retrieve their vehicles.

It will be up to the property owners to say when the outlets will reopen.

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