American Airlines to buy supersonic jets, would take passengers from Chicago to Orlando in 46 minutes

Fasten your seat belt for the shortest ride of your life.

American Airlines will become the second U.S. carrier to purchase supersonic jets, virtually cutting travel times in half. It means much less time to enjoy your complimentary peanuts.

American Airlines announced Tuesday it will buy up to 20 supersonic jets that will be built in North Carolina by Boom Supersonic.

Last year, United Airlines agreed to buy 15 of the ultra-fast jets, if they meet certain safety, operating and sustainability requirements, which is part of American’s deal as well.

Each of the aircraft can carry 65 to 80 passengers.

The jet will run on sustainable aviation fuel or a blend.


A trip from Miami to London would take just under five hours, cutting the nearly nine-hour flight time by about half.

Say you're taking your family to see Mickey at Disney World; it would be 46 minutes from Chicago to Orlando.

How about a weekend trip to Vegas? An hour and ten minutes from Chicago to the Strip.

Or say you're a Cubs fan with a couple of tickets to see them play the Cardinals in St. Louis. That's a 12-minute flight. You'll wait longer in line for your hot dog!

This is still up in the air, pun intended, as test flights will happen in 2026.

American says it's too early to discuss ticket prices, because the aircraft isn't expected to fly its first passengers until 2029.