Anjanette Young blasts Lightfoot, says there is 'lack of development' in her lawsuit against the city

Anjanette Young blasted Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Wednesday saying she didn't keep her word.

Young, 50, is a hospital social worker and was undressing for bed when a dozen Chicago police officers armed with a search warrant smashed through her front door in February 2019.

The officers handcuffed Young, who was naked and terrified, as they searched her home for a suspect who actually lived several houses away.

In December of 2020, the office of Mayor Lightfoot released staff emails related to responses regarding the raid.

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The emails released show Mayor Lightfoot was told the botched raid on Young's home was "pretty bad."

Mayor Lightfoot and Anjanette Young also released a joint statement in December of 2020 saying that they met and had a very "candid and productive conversation."

On April 29, the Chicago police oversight agency completed its investigation into the 2019 raid  and said it found "significant deficiencies" in CPD policy.

Now, weeks later, Young and her attorney say there is a "lack of development" in Young's lawsuit against the city and officers who mistakenly raided her home in 2019.

Young says Mayor Lightfoot promised for a quick settlement, but then offered her a "take it or leave it" settlement, which she says is less than some other victims have received.


Young says the trauma affects every aspect of her life.

"I'm very disappointed…The city will continue to not address what is happening, which forces me to have to continue to relive it, and at some point a resolution would be the beginning of my actual healing," said Young.

She is also pushing the City Council to pass the Anjanette Young Ordinance, which would reform how CPD carries out warrants.