Lightfoot, Anjanette Young had 'candid and productive conversation' about botched police raid

There are growing calls in Chicago for change in the wake of a traumatic police raid of the wrong home.

Young, 50, is a hospital social worker and was undressing for bed when a dozen Chicago police officers armed with a search warrant, smashed through her front door in February 2019.

The officers handcuffed Young, who was naked and terrified, as they searched her home for a suspect, who actually lived several houses away. 

Congressman Danny Davis held a news conference Thursday, demanding congressional hearings on the raid.  

Faith leaders joined the congressman and have sent letters to congress asking for a hearing.

On Wednesday, the office of Mayor Lightfoot released staff emails related to responses regarding the raid.

The emails released show Mayor Lightfoot was told the botched raid on Young's home was "pretty bad."

The mayor was supposed to meet with Young Wednesday, but Young's attorney called it off after the mayor refused to hold a public forum on the raid.

However, on Thursday, Mayor Lightfoot and Anjanette Young released a joint statement saying that they met on Thursday and had a very "candid and productive conversation."

The full statement can be found below:

"Today we met and had a lengthy, very candid and productive conversation about the unacceptable raid on Ms. Young's house and her pain.  We also discussed a number of systemic changes necessary to address the wrongs done not only to Ms. Young, but also to other victims.

We both acknowledge that today’s conversation, was but a step towards Ms. Young’s healing.

Today’s conversation was not a resolution to the problematic issues that both parties acknowledge exist—which led to the events of February 21, 2019 at Ms. Young’s home.

However, there could be no resolution without first engaging in a substantive conversation.

We are both committed to continuing to identify areas of common ground relating to these issues and to working towards necessary policy changes together."

Several community leaders gathered on Thursday, calling for Mayor Lightfoot to resign.