Archdiocese of Chicago lifts capacity restrictions, mask requirements for vaccinated people

The Archdiocese of Chicago is making changes in light of the state reopening Friday. 

Churches will now be able to fill to capacity, and masks will not be required for vaccinated people.

However, the Archdiocese is still recommending masks for unvaccinated kids and individuals who gather in crowded areas. 

Pastors will also wear masks when celebrating infant baptisms. 


The Archdiocese also released the following guidance for Masses and Liturgies:

  • Registration is no longer required. Parishes should maintain their reservations system accounts in the event registration needs to be resumed should concerning pandemic metrics warrant such action.
  • Proof of vaccination is not required for attendance at liturgies or services.
  • Holy Water fonts may be filled and used.
  • Ushers may resume their pre-pandemic routine; registration greeters can be re-directed to support the hospitality team in welcoming everyone returning to in-person worship and into the parish community.
  • Choirs, congregational singing, oral responses, and the use of worship aids, envelopes and bulletins may be fully resumed.
  • The Sign of Peace is being restored in whatever form is comfortable for those at Mass. It is important to be sensitive to individual comfort levels for exchanging the Sign of Peace.
  • Reception of Holy Communion: Receiving Holy Communion in the hand no longer requires extra hand sanitizing on the part of the Communicant. However, the priest and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion should continue to sanitize their hands prior to distributing Communion.
  • Receiving Holy Communion on the tongue may resume. However, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion must have hand sanitizer nearby and use it immediately in the event of contact with saliva.

The Archdiocese is not allowing people to receive communion from the cup quite yet.