Arwady: Chicago seeing fewest number of residents dying of COVID since start of pandemic

While Chicago did see an average of 66 more daily COVID cases this week than it did last week, that does not have Dr. Allison Arwady too concerned.

During her COVID update Thursday, Arwady said she expects Chicago to be well-protected against this most recent Omicron variant.

"We have hospitals, big hospitals in Chicago with zero COVID patients right now, and I can't tell you how exciting that is," Arwady said.

Three months after the omicron peak, Chicago's community COVID risk-level remains in the "low" category.  

"We have not stopped paying attention to COVID, we continue to see cases, but overall the outbreak remains in good control," Arwady said.  "If we get to the medium risk, we start to get concerned."

Arwady added that Chicago is seeing the fewest number of residents dying of COVID since the pandemic hit.  

Chicago is currently averaging less than one COVID death per week. At its peak in May of 2020, 


Chicago was averaging nearly 50 deaths per day. But Arwady said the promising statistics don't mean her department's ready to let its guard down. 

"We also continue to monitor. We'll be ready to act if we see more concern."

Chicago's current positivity rate would have to triple to go back to "medium" community risk.  If that happens, that could mean mask recommendations in certain public places, and likely mask requirements in schools.