Baby’s hilarious reaction to first taste of ice cream goes viral

It was love at first bite for one infant who tried Baskin-Robbins ice cream for the first time.

In a viral video, first uploaded to TikTok before making its rounds on the internet, 9-month-old Blakely Jernigan is seen tasting an ice cream on a waffle cone. A shock to her taste buds, the infant goes wide-eyed, brings the ice cream to her little chest and clearly makes no plans of ever letting go.

You can hear her parents giggling in the background as they try and pull away the ice cream from her tiny grip. But Blakely wasn’t having it!

She buries her face in what can only be the single most best tasting treat she’s ever had—wait until she tries all the flavors.

In a recent Facebook post by Brittani Jernigan, Blakely’s mother, she writes how she had to turn off TikTok notifications because her phone was blowing up.

And in case you’re wondering what flavor rocked Blakely’s world, it was ‘Gold Medal Ribbon.’