Battles over who will pay for damaged Chicago lakefront continues

Chicago is still picking up the damage from a battering over the weekend from Lake Michigan.

From the North Shore to the South Shore, residents dealt with washed-out parking lots, flooding in their homes, and damage on the private lakefront property.

One resident is finally breaking out after her entire car was encased in ice and sand.

The water has receded, but the area is now the scene of a sinkhole. The damage will take some time to clean up.

One break wall is no more as broken chunks of concrete is all that is left.

The question remains, who will pay to repair this damage?

FEMA, the state, and the city say they are not responsible for footing the bill to protect private lakefront property.

The effort to save the South Shore lakefront from erosion is gaining traction after state reps and city officials created a task force.

Residents like Karen Bennighoff pray that it works.

"I'm trying not to cry,” she said. “It's sad. It's really sad."

On the North Side in Rogers Park, residents dealt with different levels of flooding. They fear this won’t be the last time.

There are plans to fight lakefront erosion in Chicago but this will only protect public land.