BBB breaks down the 'Top 10 Scams of 2017'

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The Better Business Bureau released its list of the Top scams of 2017 Thursday.

For years, a phony IRS call was ranked the No. 1 way to get scammed. Now, it's moved down to No. 5 on the BBB's list of top scams from last year.

Steve Bernas with the BBB said the IRS scam calls are still happening, and consumers still have to be careful, saying “the IRS will never call you and demand payment in 30 minutes.” 

Last year's new No.1? Phishing emails and texts. Check out the full list below.

2017's Top Scams

  • Phishing Emails/Texts – stealing money and information 
  • Can You Hear Me – phone scam
  • Online Purchase – fake websites 
  • Employment – job offer scams  
  • Tax Collection – fake IRS or Treasury Dept. calls/emails 
  • Debt Collections –  invoices, calls or emails for fake debts
  • Tech Support – calls, texts or emails from fake tech support agents
  • Sweepstake/Lottery/Prizes – fake claims to steal money upfront 
  • Travel/Vacations – too good to be true offers 
  • Identity Theft – fraudulent activity using your personal information

For more information on how to avoid getting scammed, check out the BBB website here.