Suburban man fatally shoots acquaintance at birthday party over pair of shoes: prosecutors

Kevin Krenc (DuPage County State's Attorney)

A man from Bensenville was arrested Tuesday after allegedly killing an acquaintance during a birthday party over the weekend. 

Kevin Krenc, 31, was accused of fatally shooting a man at his home located in the 4N500 block of Church Road on Oct. 14, according to prosecutors. 

DuPage County Sheriff's deputies responded to a call of an intoxicated man possibly in need of assistance a few blocks from the home at 4N539 Route 83. 

While checking on the man, deputies were told about an alleged murder that happened earlier in the day. Deputies investigated the allegations and learned that Victor Garcia, of Des Plaines was shot to death.

Prosecutors say Krenc, Garcia and several other individuals were at a party at Krenc’s residence on Church Road celebrating Krenc’s birthday. 

Tensions rose between several people at the party after Garcia was accused stealing a pair of shoes, among other things, from another person there.

Garcia allegedly felt disrespected at these allegations. At some point in time, Krenc and several others were in the garage at the residence when Garcia came in Krenc pulled out a rifle he had hidden and shot Garcia five times, according to prosecutors. 

"The allegation that Mr. Krenc shot and killed Victor Garcia over a pair of shoes and a feeling of being disrespected is simply appalling," State's Attorney Robert Berlin said.

Krenc allegedly hid the weapon in a trailer parked in the driveway and then fled the scene. DuPage County Sheriff’s Office later found a rifle in a vent in the basement of the residence after Krenc's arrest.

Krenc was denied pre-trial release and was charged with first degree murder. 

He made his first court appearance Friday morning and is scheduled to appear for arraignment Nov. 3.