'Bike Chicago' program will soon begin giving out free bicycles to residents — what to know

Chicago's new bike program is about ready to start peddling.

On Thursday, the commissioner for the Chicago Department of Transportation, Gia Biagi, visited the Greencorps Chicago Youth Program where participants were assembling dozens of bicycles that will be given away through "Bike Chicago."

The program is a CDOT initiative first announced earlier this month to increase mobility across the city.

"There's a huge demand. We've had applications and letters — we've had almost 15,000 Chicgoans who've raised their hand for 5,000 free bikes," Biagi said.


The bikes will be given out over the next four years, with the first distribution happening next month.

If you have not already, you can apply for the program on the city of Chicago website or at City Hall.

Chicago giving away 5,000 bikes to eligible residents — how to apply

Applications for the first giveaway close on August 4.

You must be a Chicago resident and at least 14 years old to qualify.