Boat oar goes through windshield of Florida woman's car

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A 33-year-old woman's quick instincts likely saved her life when a boat oar crashed through the driver's side windshield of her sports utility vehicle as she drove on Florida's Alligator Alley.

Christina Kay Theisen tells the SunSentinel ( ) she's glad she wasn't on her phone or changing the radio station Friday afternoon as she drove home following a business trip.

The Florida Highway Patrol says the oar either dropped from a recreational vehicle as Theisen passed by, or it kicked up from the asphalt. It struck the front end of her Chevy Suburban before going through the windshield.

Theisen says she quickly ducked to the right and was able to keep control of the vehicle.

Lt. Greg Bueno says the case is closed unless more information about the RV becomes available.