Burbank Roma community files complaint against police department

The Burbank Police Department is facing scrutiny from the Roma community after issuing a scam alert.

The Roma community of Burbank filed a formal complaint with the Cook County Human Rights Commission about the department's publication titled "Gypsy Scams."

Spokesperson Deny Dobobrov of the World Roma Federation said the community views it as discrimination against their ethnicity and are calling for accountability from the police department.

"Once I became aware of this issue, it was immediately removed. As the document was in a lobby area open to the public, we are trying to determine who posted it there. The City of Burbank is a diverse community and the Burbank Police Department does not tolerate any form of discrimination by its members," Chief of Police Jack S. Garcia told Fox 32. 

Garcia said he was not aware of and did not approve of any department correspondence containing any wording which could be considered derogatory.