California deputy stages DUI to propose to girlfriend

It was staged as a DUI, but resulted in a newly engaged couple.

A deputy in Palmdale, California recruited is colleagues to help stage a fake DUI traffic stop so he can propose to his girlfriend. Deputy Kevin Bowes’ fellow deputies pulled over his girlfriend and asked her to complete a DUI sobriety test. She had no idea Bowes was bent down on one knee behind her, with an engagement ring in hand.

In video shared by the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station, Bowes is seen arriving to the “scene” as his girlfriend looks up to the sky and taps her nose during one of the sobriety tests. The recruited deputy then asks her to spin around. Once she does, she finds her soon-to-be fiancé bent down on one knee.

She runs up to hug him and he can be heard saying, “Is that a yes?” and she nods in approval.

The deputy who was conducting the supposed sobriety test asked again, “That was a yes? Okay just wanted to make sure” and laughs.

The agency shared the following caption with the video: