California pastor hands out COVID-19 vaccine exemption letters

A church in California is handing out exemption letters for people who do not want to take the coronavirus vaccine.

"I am not antivaccination. Don't get me wrong" said Greg Fairrington, the pastor with Destiny Christian Church. "But I am ‘pro freedom.’"

Fairrington said Destiny Christian Church, located in Northern California's Placer County, offered the letters as he believes those hesitant to take the vaccine should have the right to choose, just as Americans have the right to choose which church to attend.

"There's freedom of religion. That's what is born at the heart of America," Fairrington said.


Over the weekend, the church released a video clip from one of their services showing support for employees in danger of losing their job from refusing to take the vaccine.

"On Sunday, we prayed for educators, nurses, doctors, and first responders who are being mandated to get the vaccine or lose their job. Many feel morally compromised by taking it — let this prayer speak to you if you’re in the same situation," the church's social media post reads.

Below is a picture of the letter given to folks wanting to be exempt from their employers' vaccine mandates.

As of this week, all state employees are required to submit proof of vaccination or they must get tested for COVID-19 twice a week. California health care workers have until September 30 to show they are fully vaccinated.

As for private companies, here is a list of employers requiring their workers to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

In Los Angeles, the city council is pushing an ordinance requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination for Angelenos when dining indoors at restaurants or visiting other indoor settings like gyms or sporting events. While the ordinance is not yet official, the city moved one step closer to making it a reality after the City Council unanimously passed legislation last week instructing City Attorney Mike Feuer to draft the mandate in written form.